Voice of the Customer (VOC)

The Voice of the Customer can be a key differentiator in today’s hyper-competitive economy. Successful organizations translate customer insight into customer-centric action plans for its people, process and technology. However, the complexity of today’s market often makes it difficult to effectively track and act upon the VOC. Technology, media and the Internet have altered and expanded the channels where brands engage with their customers. As a result, customer data is fragmented throughout multiple channels and reporting systems. Continue reading

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Customer Centered Company

Understanding your customers is a key strategy in preparing your business to not just respond to customer needs, but to anticipate them. According to a recent report from Aberdeen, improved customer intelligence empowers organizations to profitably define, identify, and respond to high value customers. This report also states that 74% of best-in-class companies across industries say improving customer intelligence management practices is the top motivator for creating a culture of customer-centricity. Continue reading

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Business accelerators

Silicon Valley Research Group Inc. is a global market research and strategy development firm focused exclusively on technology products and services.
Founded in 1994, Silicon Valley Research Group Inc. is distinguished in the high-tech industry by its advanced research methodologies facilitating obtainment of hard-to-get data. Silicon Valley Research Group’s ability to deliver unparalleled insight into technology market dynamics is as a result of an outstanding research team of analysts with in-depth knowledge of technology. Continue reading

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Customer insightHow can vendors re-align their marketing strategy to the a new customer-driven sales paradigm; “more pull, less push”?

Our research data indicates a current disparity between a vendor’s sales approach and their customer’s expectations. What do customers mean by “ more pull, less push” and how is this achieved? The basic concept is that the customer is interested in “buying” and not being “sold”. This can be addressed with the following strategic realignments: Continue reading

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