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Silicon Valley Research Group Inc. is a global market research and strategy development firm focused exclusively on technology products and services.
Founded in 1994, Silicon Valley Research Group Inc. is distinguished in the high-tech industry by its advanced research methodologies facilitating obtainment of hard-to-get data. Silicon Valley Research Group’s ability to deliver unparalleled insight into technology market dynamics is as a result of an outstanding research team of analysts with in-depth knowledge of technology.

We help technology companies make better decisions and accelerator initiatives that build market share and margins.  Clients rely on our research and strategy recommendations to guide product development, size new market opportunities, tune product messaging, analyze price elasticity and much more.  We’re highly experienced in custom research techniques that provide the most accurate and, most actionable market intelligence and strategic direction.

In our new blog we will share some of the important market trends and cultural changes that are are impacting the global marketplace and give you insight on why specific methodologies and research techniques are best suited to meet research requirements. We hope you enjoy and profit by following our articles.

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  1. Administrator says:

    I agree. Good article.


    henry etzkowitz Reply:

    Greetings from Triple Helix Research Group, H-STAR Institute, Stanford. Would like to make contact and explore mutual interests. Expect you will find our upcoming conference on: SIlicon Valley: Global Model or Unique Anomaly” of interest. Perhaps, participate, sponsor check out



  2. Syafrizal says:

    distixos etsi einai ta pragmata…to anxtiiisiko einai pos den iparxei kamia antidrasi apo tin pleura tis koinonias…parakolouthoume ipnotismenoi sxedon san na min mas afora.


  3. Hey, that’s powerful. Thanks for the news.


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