Revenue Acceleration Lab

Business Accelerator Series:  Sales Strategy

Is your revenue engine is firing on all cylinders?
Our tune-up will help generate maximum sales velocity!   

Your success is measured by the revenue you generate.
What are hidden barriers preventing your product from reaching is full sales potential?

Your sales process and messaging efforts drive your product sales strategy.
What unknown limits are preventing full throttle acceleration?

Our Revenue Acceleration Lab is designed to smooth your ride through today’s turbulent market. The program focus is increasing sales by finding efficiencies in the sale process. When the data is collected and analyzed we make recommendations about how to  optimize the effectiveness of your sales process. By reviewing the selling results and the compelling impact of your messaging, we’ll guide your team in eliminating barriers to customer acceptance. By reviewing all communication points in your sales strategy, we will help to shorten your sales cycle on existing products and decrease your time to revenue for newly launched or expanded offerings.

Marketing Information

Problem Definition

  • Need to understand customers reasoning for the purchasing decisions
  • Need improved sales process understanding

Outcomes & Solutions

  • Voice of the customer analysis
  • Field testing of product presentations, selling process, and value propositions


  • In-depth probe of target market for an extended time duration
  • Product and creative visuals testing
  • Access to consumer and business decision makers

Marketing Research Report:

Execution Process

  • Design, planning, project management and execution
  • Data collection, analysis and data mining
  • Respondent/participant recruiting costs and incentives
  • Strategy development and tactical recommendations
  • Online real-time, market research project review dashboard

Upon Project Completion You Will Receive:

  • Actionable, business accelerating Marketing Strategy Map
  • PowerPoint-based marketing solutions report and presentation
  • Investor-ready “one minute” written Executive Brief  version of your Marketing Research Report


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