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89% of all emails sent worldwide are SPAM*
Unwanted email costs businesses $20.5 Billion per year**   

Until now, there has been no consistently effective way to track an email user’s daily experience with and perceptions of SPAM as a path to measure an email provider or corporate IT department’s anti-SPAM efforts. The Spam Protection Effectiveness Comparison (SPEC) does just that.
This robust, subscription based email research system combines the power of our proprietary online “InBox Mirror” user interface with our unique consultative research and analysis approach. SPEC provides never before available knowledge on inbox SPAM activity and can compare your results to those of competing email service providers.

* Symantec SPAM report 2010
**Radicati Research Group Inc.

Marketing Information

Features & Benefits

  • Use “InBox Mirror” to identify SPAM type by tracking individual user’s SPAM Identification and handling habits at the source; the Inbox
  •  Measure user’s perceptions regarding individual SPAM messages and reasoning behind their email sorting decisions
  • Analyze commonalities in identified SPAM messages and draw the technical conclusions needed to measure and improve your anti-SPAM efforts
  • Compare your results to those of competing email service providers

Marketing Research Report:


  • All design, planning, SPEC project management and execution
  • Online client project dashboard for immediate results and ongoing collaboration
  • Quarterly or project end SPEC review and reports with data analysis
  • Strategy development and tactical recommendations
  • PowerPoint-based marketing solutions report and presentation
  • Client specified format database of all InBox Mirror captured SPAM data


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