OpinionBridge - Social Sentiment Sleuth


is a proprietary research system that leverages online communities and social media for both traditional and innovative research techniques. This system boosts the quality of research results while simultaneously reducing research effort, timelines and costs. 

OpinionBridge™ taps into online social networks to generate deep insights through the Social Sentiment Sleuth™ tools. These tools allow users to track the sentiment of their brand names on social networks, twitter, forums, and blogs as well as learn from the online social community directly with innovative online research tools. OpinionBridge™ will provide unparalleled market intelligence and decision making support. 


Track the Sentiment of Your Brands: 

    • Utilizing cutting edge technology, brands are tracked throughout the online universe. 
      • Facebook 
      • Twitter 
      • Forums 
      • Blogs 
    • Learn customers’ direct, indirect, and future needs by mining the online chatter for perceptions and affinities of your products and services. 
    • Gain a competitive edge through access to constant insight by tracking your competition. 

Learn Directly From Online Communities 

    • Asynchronous Dialogue: Series of comment based discussions where respondents reviews other participant’s Propecia feedback online pharmacy propecia celeberty rogane propecia and then provides their own repeatedly over the course of a couple days. 
    • Online Focus Groups: Video or audio focus groups that utilize the latest technologies to drive qualitative roundtables. Provides valuable deep insights through cost effective multi-media and collaboration tools. 
    • Feedback Loop Dashboards: Gather feedback from customers or employees via a web dashboard. Designed with quick polls, surveys, comment drop boxes and other feedback tools. 
    • Online Survey System: Traditional online surveys are made easier and more effective through OpinionBridge™. Intuitive and non-labor intensive reporting tools get you the data that you want. 

Tap Into Online Social Communities 

    • Leverage existing communities into active online feedback panels.
    • Tap into Facebook connections, LinkedIn groups, or other online communities. 
    • OpinionBridge™ can help create, nurture and grow online communities to build new sources of online feedback. 

Turn Learnings into Strategic Actions 

    • Increase the return on your social media campaigns or activities by completing the feedback loop. 
    • Turn the chatter into social media campaign strategies, product road-map guidance, and customer-focused decision making. 
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