Introducing Silicon Valley Research Group

Silicon Valley Research Group Inc. is a global market research and strategy development firm focused exclusively on technology products and services.

Founded in 1994, Silicon Valley Research Group Inc. is distinguished in the high-tech industry by its advanced research methodologies facilitating obtainment of hard-to-get data. Silicon Valley Research Group’s ability to deliver unparalleled insight into technology market dynamics is as a result of an outstanding research team of analysts with in-depth knowledge of technology.

We employ cutting edge, custom research techniques to provide you with the most accurate and, above all, most actionable market intelligence and strategic direction. Our team's technology knowledge base enables us to quickly understand your products and services, as well as the unique market space you compete in. You do not waste valuable resources teaching us about your product or your marketplace. This dramatically reduces project turnaround time and is a key differentiator from more generic research companies. Corporate clients that rely on Silicon Valley Research Group research when planning marketing campaigns and strategic initiatives include leaders such as Acer, Adobe, Altera, Microsoft, Oracle and PMC-Sierra.

We are a distinctive and exciting marketing research services company focused on delighting our clients. We are highly valued by our clients, employees and shareholders, respected by our competitors and prized in the business community for our vital contribution to the field of marketing.

Al Nazarelli Written on Friday, 08 April 2011 09:02 by Al Nazarelli

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